Australian Athlete Edition 3 (pre-order) + Runner's Tribe Membership Deal (Excellent Value!)

Australian Athlete Edition 3 (pre-order) + Runner's Tribe Membership Deal (Excellent Value!)


WHAT YOU GET - Note: Other subscription offers are available here

-Australian Athlete Magazine mailed to your door early December 2019 and then every 12-months if you keep your subscription.

-Be the first to receive your copy.

-Ensure you get a copy as numbers are limited.

NOTE: Your yearly fee of $89.95 gives you a full years access to the RT membership platform with a rapidly growing library of premium athletics content, exclusive offers and more.

Other subscription offers are available here

Access to membership area on Runner’s Tribe which gets you:

-Weekly video documentary from the Runner's Tribe Workout Any Day Series 2 on a current star or squad created by professionals and delivered to you.

Access to 5-7 exclusive feature articles per month:

-Training of famous runners - 1 article per month & the entire current database.

-Len Johnson (IAAF and RT top athletics journalists on the planet) – 1 article feature per month

-Jaryd Clifford (Middle-Distance super star) - 2 features per month

-Bryan Green (USA) – 1 feature per month

-Mark Tucker (Australian 50km record holder) – 1 feature per month

Access to membership deals:

-Ongoing discount (15%) from Running Warehouse and offers to special one-off discount offers. 

-Ongoing discount to SOS Australia (20%). 

-Ongoing discount to Runner’s Tribe online shop (20%).

See you inside the RT members area.

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